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CdR: Gen by Quinalah
CdR: Gen
Every time I rewrite this I'm like, "It'll get shorter!" Nope. Nope.

Ta-daa, Handy Mailman Gen is reapplying for the revamped CdR! Maybe you remember him?
Rejoice, this man has finally found clothing

UPDATE 9/11/14

Hey, hey, hey, look who's fashionably late--
Sorry for the delay, for some reason my schedule would not let me find the time to just sit down and do my edits! We're good now, though!
Seriously, thank you for your patience


Extended Ref, though it's a massive WIP and only a few things have been nicely typed out.

♦ Genevieve "Gen" Ito ♦

22 Years Old, born 14 February

Species Arachnid
A little-known species native to various crevices of the world. They were once regarded as benevolent protectors to those rare few who stumbled upon them, but those days are long gone. Expanding industrialization has unveiled many clans, and these creatures are often fearfully killed on sight by those unaware of their true nature. Those who remain often live in small supernatural communities, but even those are becoming scarce. Their size and appearance makes them ill-equipped for the human-centered world, and this species as a whole is regarded as endangered.

More information can be found here.

Faction :bulletyellow:Diamond

Job Postal Worker
Gen deals primarily with three groups of mail: Mail sent from outside the Cirque, mail sent from inside the Cirque (either to the outside, or to another Cirque member), and shipment orders.

Between collecting, sorting, and distributing mail, Gen is willing to spend an unorthodox amount of time doing his job. He often starts early in the morning, and works for as long as he needs to. Gen takes his job surprisingly seriously. He delivers the mail to its intended recipient the day he receives it, and will even bring shipments directly to their intended locations and help put heavy stock where it needs to be.

This job is not on the official list, but it has been approved by the mods.

Personality 300/300 words, including keywords
It's too simple to label Gen as “Quiet,” but between his subtle presence and soft voice, “quiet” isn't a bad place to start. It's more important to know that Gen hears his father's manipulative voice in his own, or that the words of Gen's brother often echo in the back of his mind.

Though Gen is intelligent and opinionated, that voice reminds him that it's often for the best to remain quiet and not draw attention. Even when he knows he's right, or when a verbal reprimand is obviously justified, Gen can't break past that mentality his brother taught him; he tends to hold his tongue, even through the worst of comments.

Furthermore, even when his eyes have that sharp look, his limbs always remain close to himself-- in fact, even when Gen's eyes seem kind and inviting, the arachnid will rarely reach a hand towards anyone.

The stoic and withdrawn creature may seem hard to read, but those who know him may detect a subtle nervousness and compassion about him. Gen cares deeply for others, particularly those who seem familiar with loneliness, although it takes truly keen eyes to appreciate Gen's miniscule acts of affection.

Though his species has always shadowed him, and even occasionally brought him hardship, there is always light where there is shade. Gen can become concerned about his presence, yes; but his species also brings him genuine confidence. His silence is never to be mistaken for shyness: Gen is not timid. There is nobody in the circus he deems worthy of fearing, and, though his stance is reserved, he does so with a casual calmness. He is not afraid of others; only of his own capabilities, and that is the root to many of his behaviors.


Quiet, Withdrawn, Brusque Focused, Self-Conscious, Compassionate Devoted, Selfless, Lonely

History 2400+/600 words This is SUPER long and you do NOT have to read it! the TL;DR is fine, honestly! I'll probably move this to his extended ref entirely if he's accepted, it takes up too much space.

This history has been condensed to focus only on Gen's life from his perspective. If you're interested in knowing more about his family, his hometown, etc. please read his extended reference.

0-10: Gen was born to an impoverished family, fathered by a largely-absent and manipulative man. He lives a quiet life in a town built around other supernatural beings, strained a bit by poverty, but otherwise uneventful and safe.

11-14 After the death of his mother, Gen, his older brother, and his newborn sisters are raised by his maternal aunt and uncle. Here, Gen begins to receive an education from his uncle, which he enjoyed dearly.

14-18 The death of Gen's elderly uncle forces the brothers to spend more time working, and Gen lets his learnings slip as he job-hops. Gen's sisters find menial jobs from time to time, and his brother Geovera works hard, but Gen is the main source of income for the family due to his dedication and occasionally desperately sly ways. At times they live comfortably; at times, not so much.

19 A foreign conflict causes a massive immigration wave, and their downtrodden town is suddenly filled with new faces, mostly human, all looking for employment. The town is flooded with people desperate for shelter, and suddenly takes a hostile turn as the supernatural beings are pushed out by less-accepting humans. Though Gen and Geovera try earnestly, they can no longer find any jobs that are worthwhile. His brother travels far away in an attempt to find a steady job and a better home; Gen is still unaware of his whereabouts. The family's money supply dwindles, and Gen begins to worry, as he knows how reliant his family is on his income.

20 By some stroke of magic or luck, the Cirque des Reves happens to set up only a few cities over. Gen joins in an act of desperation, in need of a steady job.

21-22 Gen has been with the Cirque for about two years now. He sends nearly all of his paycheck to his home, and hopes for the best. Even Gen himself is surprised with how happy he's been at the Cirque-- he was honestly not expecting that leap of desperation to turn into a steady job, a safe environment, and even a second home. Though Gen is quiet about it, he's developed a strong fondness for the Cirque and its members. He misses his family dearly, however, and holds hope that the Cirque will someday return to that same city in which he joined.

Somewhere near the East Coast of North America, a collection of rejects had formed an agreement over a small patch of land upon which a town sat. Those who could do better did so immediately, but for the poorest of them, the little town was home. It was a foul place, even dangerous when tempers raged, but there was no place more obscure for strange creatures, a few of Gen's kind included, to live in relative peace.

Gen grew up in this town, spending his youngest days in ennui. The shambled buildings were home to him; torn-up towns today remind him of the dirt roads where he and his brother would play with what few other children lived there. Gen and his brother Geovera spent a lot of time outside-- being at home was not quite the same.

Their mother was as stern as she was loving, and the two respected her on both accounts. Even when she was distracted, singing and dancing as she tidied what little they owned, the boys didn't dare question her authority. It was uncanny how quickly she fell silent when she heard their father come home, however. Neither boy could blame her; their father wielded words as if they were weapons, and he struck down anybody who opposed him too loudly. His unwelcome words were sharp, and at times they cut worse than any physical wound could.

After he had left them alone, she would ask, "Do you understand that words are powerful?" And always, a tired smile when the boys would nod. "Then choose your words carefully and with love. Please don't grow to be like him, never use sharp words to slash at others..."

Gen understood too well, especially once his voice grew into a rich, gentle timbre, just like his father's. Gen couldn't help but hear the man's toxic words through his voice... Even now, Gen worries: were his words laced with poison, too?

Just before his eleventh birthday, however, two strangers of their own kind came into town-- in fact, they came right into the house without so much as a knock! His mother had cried and hugged the female stranger for so long. Gen learned many things that day: about his father, about his mother, about their life... But most importantly, that it was all changing. He was too young to understand everything, but he distinctly remembers the woman-- his aunt, as he had been told-- chasing his father out of the house when he came home late that night. It was the first time Gen had witnessed someone using such sharp words for good. He still thinks of his father from time to time, but never fondly; regardless, that's all in the past.

Though their little house always seemed dark, the atmosphere was somehow brighter with his aunt and uncle in it. His aunt and mother talked nonstop, giggling and catching up after years apart. Gen soon found out the reason for his relatives' sudden arrival: His mother was pregnant, and had finally worked up the courage to disobey her mate and contact her sister. Gen's father had deliberately but subtly isolated the woman from her family. His aunt and uncle had travelled from Northern Japan to be with her sister, and had no intention of leaving any time soon.

The next several months were spent in a subtle sort of bliss, as if a weight had been lifted from the small family. Gen's uncle was even fortunate enough to swing himself a steady job not far away. Unfortunately, not everything was meant to last: Not long later, Gen's mother perished in giving birth to twin daughters. Their aunt and uncle gladly took in the four children, but life was never quite the same after that.

Their mother's death hit the boys heard; in an attempt to console them, their uncle took to teaching the brothers how to read. The boys' father had not wanted them to learn (for reasons that Gen never became aware of), though their mother had always been hopeful of teaching them one day. Though Geovera seemed to have other interests, Gen took to this immediately, and was a quick learner. Reading became an invaluable hobby to Gen, and the young boy was eager to learn and excel with the help of his uncle and what few resources they had.

Geovera and Gen were inseparable companions. Even once Geovera became old enough to travel to look for work, the two would make the small trek together. Gen was still too young to understand why they walked 'like humans' and hid themselves under long cloaks, or why Geovera kept looking over his shoulder. The outside settlements were different. Though other supernatural creatures weren't uncommon in Gen's hometown, the way these people looked upon them was... New. Cruel. That was the first time Gen have ever felt openly despised; it was almost sad, how much the young arachnid had grown in only a few hours. That was not the last Gen would see of those people-- the the town had some of the few close employers who would accept their kind. He would be back many times.

Time passes, and the boys' grief ease slowly. The brothers travel to other towns, taking on what jobs they could. Even after the peaceful death of their uncle, who had been considered an "older man" for many years now, the two stuck together. When the day was particularly nice, and a certain sort of security seemed at bay, the two would even bring their baby sisters outside to explore their hometown.

For many years, the family lived peacefully, though Gen often wished he had more time to read and learn; his steady search for work often kept him busy. He was devastated to see his literature skills deteriorate, but he stood tall and pressed on. His family was too reliant on the sibling's income-- especially Gen's, as he was particularly unabashed in swindling the jobs of others when necessary-- for him to focus on such a trivial hobby.

Just after Gen turned twenty, a sudden change overtook his hometown: a conflict in a foreign country caused a massive wave of immigrants. Many chose to crowd the downtrodden town, adopting the crumbling settlements with fear. The humans were wary of the town's unusual inhabitants, but so desperate for shelter. Some chose to gamble with fate, hoping they could find a more normal place to settle, and were quick to leave the presence of the monstrous town. Those who stayed struggled to exist. Desperate, the often made long commutes, settled for less than they deserved, and partook in shady deals-- as as Gen once had. Much as he had done to others, he, too, was replaced by the human immigrants.

Gen and Geovera began to travel farther and farther away, desperate to find new jobs. They often made several-hour-long commutes each day, but for naught. They could find nothing that even Gen would be willing to settle for. With little other choice, Geovera said goodbye to the family, setting off in search of a new job and a better place to live-- Gen has not seen him since. His sisters-- young and underprivileged, but ambitious, like their bothers-- could only score little more than errands for an even more measly sum of money, if even that. With their resources diminishing and not a single option in sight, Gen was at a loss.

The atmosphere of the town had shifted as it became more human-centered. Gen caught far too many bone-chilling stares and acts of vandalism, even aggression. He wouldn't forget the first time he'd felt the cold edge of a stone as it was hurled forcefully at his back-- Gen had just been thankful they had aimed at him, and not either of his sisters.

It was painful to see the once-safe town turn to such cruelty; Gen wondered often how Geovera was doing in his search. Was he even still alive? Gen couldn't bare the thought of his older brother, dead somewhere. He shelved his worry away, focusing instead on his own responsibilities.

As fate would have it, that very week rumours began to spread about a marvellous, mysterious circus in a not-so-far-off city. Though others seemed certain it was a dream, Gen was not so gullible. There was no way it was all collectively imagined; he set out in search.

Maybe it was luck, or fate, or magic, but that night Gen did indeed find that circus.

He was not there for the festivities, however. He couldn't care less about what the mystical Cirque des Reves does, no. He looked around, ignoring the marvels of fire and magic; paying no mind to the creatures that resided there-- though he did take an interest in those in the golden clothing, those who seemed so strangely like him...

A small string of questions eventually lead him to a dapper man by the name of Casper, and Gen is quick to inquire about work. He couldn't find it in his heart to be suspicious of their unconditional acceptance-- he was thankful to have the opportunity at all. But what of his family? His sisters were not of-age, and even if they could enroll, Gen couldn't leave his elderly aunt alone in the now-dangerous town. The family was so desperate for any kind of income, and yet... would it be worth it to leave them? Could he leave them? The neighbouring towns were the farthest that he had ever been from home-- and now, with this job, he'd travel the world. Could he endure that? Would he disappear from his family's life, like Geovera did?

He had only a few days to decide

Gen discussed these events with his family. They agreed that they need this opportunity, but the other problems still stood. Gen's thoughts return to an idea that he had had that day... he enters his uncle's old study, carefully flipping through the family's small tower of legal documents. His unfortunately low literary skills-- rusty from a lack of time to study-- were just barely enough to find what he was looking for: the copy of their lease. Their address.

Gen picked up the pencils he hadn't touched in years, carefully copying the address to their home, letter by letter, number by number. Gen knew this was the key to making this all work; he copied it again, and a third time, just to be sure. Finally, he copied it onto another piece of paper. Wasting no time, he spared a small amount of change for a stamp, and left the scrap at the post office.

The next day, Gen was ecstatic to see the 'letter' had made it to its intended location. Could this actually work? He kept the papers close, never letting them leave his person, lest they be lost. The decision was made: Since Gen had a way to send his income to his family... that meant he had to leave. It was the only chance he had for a new job.

Gen left home with a heartfelt goodbye-- and an unexpected gift. Not long ago, his sisters had each been given a beaded bracelet as thanks for a small favour. The beads were cheap, gaudy, and worthless, and yet, the girls had cherished them-- these beads were now Gen's. A gentle reminder of them. He had hugged the two girls long enough to embarrass them and make them squeal for freedom-- Gen wouldn't need any reminders of them, but he accepted the gifts regardless.

He bought what few stamps and envelopes he could afford, and arrived at the Cirque des Reves with little more than some extra clothes. The paperwork was completed swiftly. Despite having his eyes on the Diamond faction, Gen was disappointed to learn he had automatically placed into the red faction because of his species. Though disappointed and a little offended, he kept his mouth shut.

((OOC context, Gen was an original 2012 member, in which this Red Faction rule was in place. It was OK'd by Mello that this rule remains in cannon))

His job had been decided for him, based on availability. Ironically, because he had claimed to be literate, he was given the job of a postal worker: picking up, sorting, and delivering mail and shipments within the Cirque. (Gen hadn't expected to be caught in the prideful lie, and so he did struggle a bit at first. Thankfully, his small amount of literary skill was enough to scrape by, assuming he had time to sort the mail beforehand. This became a habit of his, and he still uses this unnecessarily complicated sorting method, despite the fact that his skills have improved enough that he no longer needs it.)

And so, much to Gen's surprise, years passed. The large postal worker enjoyed sneaking by quietly, preferring to keep behind the scenes as he delivered mail, parcels, and salesworkers' shipments and orders. He grew to enjoy his coworker's familiar faces, and mourned with the others as their unusual friends occasionally parted ways from the Cirque. He collected various things over the years, everything from casual friends, to small trinkets and unusual baubles from the Cirque's events, and even an entirely new wardrobe. (He always found it a little amusing when the occasional tailor spotted him-- that light in their eyes as they became shyly eager to take him on as an unusual challenge...)

Minor disputes, new friends, being the bringer of news, both good and bad-- the major hassle that is Valentine's Day and other holidays-- Gen was surprised at how quickly the time had passed. Yet, he never forgot his own letters: a simple envelope, including only the majority of his paycheck, sent to the family that he assumed was still there. He wished the Cirque would return to the area so he could see his family again... He still wonders about Geovera, and worries about his family and the state of his hometown.

Gen would never forget the day the Cirque underwent some minor changes: the Red Faction rules were changing. He'd need a new work outfit, but soon he would no longer be bound to the Red Faction; he would be able to transfer to the Diamond Faction, and live among the freaks and creatures that he felt most at-home around. Gen was ecstatic, finally able to claim the faction he had originally locked eyes with.

And so, life went on. Even Gen is surprised by how much he looks forward to the future.

♦Gentle, above all

♦Smooth and distinctly soft-spoken

♦Masculine, on the deeper side of medium

♦Accent: East Coast America

♦Learning; specifically formal education-esque subjects like reading and math

♦Being taught, though he won't admit to it

♦Puzzles and other mental games

♦Spiders and other under-loved critters

♦Kindness from others; general comradeship

♦People who are persistent without being overbearing

♦Warm, humid weather

♦Darkness; not being able to be seen by others

♦Listening; not being forced to converse in a group

♦Being touched (usually even with permission)

♦Being ill-naturedly teased, embarrassed, or spoken badly about.

♦Being spoken to in a condescending manner, especially on basis of his appearance, social class, or education level

♦Any attempt to threaten him-- this is one of the few things Gen can become openly defiant over

♦Being bossed around; being taken advantage of

♦The cold; Gen cannot withstand low temperatures

♦Mother (Deceased)

♦Older maternal half-brother Geovera (Assumed to be alive; Away somewhere...)

♦Younger sister Gene (Assumed to be alive)

♦Younger sister Eve (Assumed to be alive)

♦Maternal aunt (Assumed to be alive)

♦Maternal uncle (Deceased)

♦Father (Assumed to be alive; estranged)

♦Likely a few paternal half-siblings, though none are of relevance

If you knew Gen from when I was previously in CdR, I will leave it up to you to decide how well the characters remember each other, if at all.

By default, his past relationships have been reset to "Met, but does not know" unless otherwise indicated.

:bulletwhite:Chika, who sends and receives many letters in an attempt to find her kimono, is someone that Gen sees a lot. Though others may find her intimidating, Gen often sees a more uncomposed side of her; she can get very passionate about her letters, and that makes Gen strangely happy. Gen knows enough about her to consider her a friendly presence.

:bulletred:Kes, a young griffin who works at a toy booth, is someone that Gen interacts with frequently. He finds that the boy often needs help working through his shipment information, which Gen is quietly happy to assist with. Though he often fails to openly express it, he has a soft spot for the griffin. Gen finds the boy's mannerisms charming, and he reminds Gen of his sisters, whom he misses quite a lot.

Gen has accumulated way too much stuff to put here, so he's been given an extended reference.

The information I chose to present here is only what's directly related to Gen as a character. Otherwise, his extended ref will cover things like:
    ♦The story of Gen's parents: who they are, how they met, how they ended up so far from their homeland, who's the father of Gen's half brother, where had his aunt been all this time, and why did she not write earlier...
    ♦Species stuff: what Gen can do, what he eats, what his strengths and weaknesses are...
    ♦Cultural stuff: traditions, history, naming customs, Back In The Past...
    ♦Mundane Gen stuff: stuff not really cool enough to make it onto his app, but still relevant...

    ♦He tends to stare at people
      ◊Usually intentionally, especially if the conversation lulls or if someone stares at him first.
      ◊He assumes that staring at others will make them stop staring at him-- though occasionally this just results in a stare-down

    ♦Gen is aware of his resemblance to "real" spiders. He may become upset if one is killed near him, especially if it's for petty or unfair reasons-- he may even become angry, depending on the specifics.

    ♦Though not formally educated, Gen is actually quite intelligent. His education level is not where he'd like it to be: He can read at a very basic level, and do simple addition and subtraction with time. Writing is iffy, and he's not good at it.
      ◊He has a natural penchant for remembering things, problem solving, and noticing details.
        ◊◊His vocabulary and manner of speech is surprising, considering his education, and he can often fool people into believing he's educated; most of his larger words are lifted from other people's conversations. Gen is usually on the lookout for interesting words to steal.
          ◊◊◊◊ Gen has liking for literature. I've always imagined that if Gen had the education for it, he would be particularly fond of poetry.
      ◊Gen is also good at remembering names and faces, and will use a person's name often if he knows it.
        ◊◊...Which can be strange if the character in question has never met Gen, and their name was obtained through other means. Gen will shamelessly use their name, regardless.
      ◊This is also what allows him to do his job
        ◊◊Gen can read at a very basic level, and can manage to figure out written names when presented with them. Particularly unfortunate handwriting/names may give him issues, but for the most part Gen can manage his job well enough through what little he knows.
        ◊◊Considering he hand-delivers things to the Cirque members, he finds that his job is much easier when he knows where certain people tend to hand out-- Gen has an uncanny ability to find who he's looking for.

    ♦Gen wishes he could write to his sisters and aunt and tell them about everything he's been doing, but he can't write, so... All he can do is mail the majority of his paycheck to their home address, with no other context or notes, and no assurance that they're actually getting his money.

    ♦ Languages:
      ◊Gen speaks English fluently. He grew up in an English-speaking town in America, and both of his parents could speak English. He can read in English at low levels. He could probably write a bit in English, but he would need to rely entirely on sounding out what he was writing, and his handwriting and spelling would likely be pretty terrible.
      ◊Gen speaks his native Arachnid language fluently. This language is elaborated on in his extended reference; in short, it's useless to him, as he has yet to meet another creature who speaks it.
      ◊Note that, though his parents are Japanese immigrants, Gen does not speak or know any substantial amount of Japanese.

    ♦Gen goes solely by the name "Gen." He will never introduce himself as Genevieve Ito (or even Gen Ito). As far as the other Cirque members are concerned, his name is only "Gen," only officials could possibly know otherwise.

    ♦Though Gen can walk normally, on his two legs, it's awkward and he doesn't like to. He only resorts to this when he's indoors, or near someone who seems particularly disturbed by him. Otherwise, he transports himself up on his spider limbs.

    ♦ this paragraph was cut from his history for clarity, but those who knew him from back in the day may remember it. It's the origin for his hair beads, and back in 2012 this was a perfectly valid way to express faction. This paragraph goes right after the OOC context note:
      ◊All that was left now was a matter of uniform. Gen owned nothing red, he realized with a bit of fear. Nothing-- he realized-- except for the beads given by his sisters, which just happened to be the most eye-offending shade of red known to man. The child's jewellery wouldn't fit over his large hands, so he carefully dismantled them, taking care to not lose even a single bead. Seeing nothing else he could do with them, Gen wove them into his hair, unknowingly giving them a permanent home.
Omadobu: King's Heart Chart by Quinalah
Omadobu: King's Heart Chart

Yo Omadobu mods, sorry to be a hassle, but where should these be submitted to? A "meme" section, maybe? Or would you rather they not be submitted?
"Everyday Life" seemed like the best choice at this moment, feel free to move it. Thank you!

Heart Chart for King
Last updated 7/30/14

    :bulletblue: Sage is someone King met through happenstance, and the clumsy bird has proven himself worthy of King's mother hen-esque concern. That aside, though, the two do seem to get along, and he hopes they can continue to grow as friends.

    :bulletblue: Kaliska is a friendly face, and King has learned quite a bit about her. He hopes that she and he can meet lots of people together, since she seems to be a bit withdrawn, but he's also glad to have her. He looks forward to their continued friendship, and is happy to stick with her.

The blank Heart Chart can be found here.
Omadobu: Heart Chart Template by Quinalah
Omadobu: Heart Chart Template

Feel free to move this where you think it should go, Omadobu mods ♥
I tried my best to recreate that pink/blue/black/white Omadobu asthetic by hand, since there aren't any templates... I hope it looks convincing! :iconblushuplz:
I could've rounded the corners a little more, maybe, but I think the only thing I blantly ignored was that white boarder around the black text. Couldn't figure that one out-- maybe someday I'll go back and put it in.
Added an 8th emotion slot by request, feel free to leave slots blank if there's too many for you.

Anyway, Important stuff here!

(Note that the extra page is just for people who need it. You don't have to bother with it if that isn't you :3)

If you're a Paint user, or otherwise need it,
Click here for a completely blank png version of the extra page

Need anything else? Just ask me!
If you have any questions or problems, you can forward those to me as well.
Just comment, send me a note, or add me on Skype (same username), I'm happy to help!

Absolutely any Omadobu member is free to use this, there's no need to ask me beforehand!
Have fun, Omadobu! Please enjoy, I'm excited to see what you guys do!
Sorry (not sorry) for heart chart spam

Also, friendly reminder that it's important to not Metagame/InfoMod based on someone's heart chart.
Heart charts are meant to be a fun, out of character meme.
Your character should not know the information presented through someone else's heart chart.
Thank you!

Source for the heart clipart

Omadobu: King by Quinalah
Omadobu: King


"Your request to join Omadobu Members was accepted"

Leave it to me to work on a character for a month and STILL not be fully ready for the opening, Quinalah why. Throwing this at the group, I will come back and edit things as I finish /o/ (Referring to the images here, I have newer ones than what's on his application, but they aren't finished.)

Those are safety goggles (not another pair of glasses) because SAFETTY FIRRRRRRRRRRST--/punted


NOTE to any reader:

You are absolutely welcome to read this huge wall of text, but I do NOT expect you to


(Usually accompanied by panicked running)



         ▸23; Birthday October 12th ♎
         ▸5'5"/127lbs // medium-large/10.5lbs
         ▸Domestic cat // Siamese
             ▸Body Type: Modern // Coloration: Seal Point
         ▸Cat-form charm. Cats are awfully hard to resist.
         ▸A naturally great climber
         ▸Yatsudoki Circus
         ▸Mechanical Engineer
             ▸Assists in maintaining the safety of the performers' areas-- especially the
             aerial performers'-- as well as maintaining the functionality of the rides and booths.
             ▸A large part of his job means he's basically lead rigger. He does general
             maintenance when needed, but it's not nearly as demanding as the rig work. An absolute
             safety nut, he will not let performers go on until he's inspected their rigs and setup.
             ▸A common face, but performers in particular probably hate him see him a lot.
((I'm assuming I can get away with such a broad job becasue A. It's actually really in-character for King to do ALL the things, and B. There are no other characters with similar jobs. As others join, I intend to adjust King's job to match what is/isn't taken by other members))

(Skeptically handing over his safety glasses)
"If you're going to do that, then wear these-- yes, I'm serious!"


        To King, every person is a new world. After spending so long alone, every new person he meets is genuinely cool and interesting-- each person has their own life and experiences, and he thinks that's fascinating. He sees the good in everyone, and aims to befriend everyone he meets. King does not make enemies, even if people are blatantly mean to him; in fact, being rude to King only encourages him to bother them more. Unapologetically extroverted with the patience of a saint, King is usually seen with a smile on his face, and is not shy by any means.
        In this way, he can be strategic in his approach of other characters. King is aware of when his current approach is not working, and can think to evaluate what he knows and find a new strategy. Making friends is almost game-like to him, and he simply will not accept that he and another character will not get along. Because he is willing to look at people from a strategic point of view, he is very good at both picking up on and catering to an individual's wants.
        King is easily excitable and easily impressed, though occasionally a little envious. He's curious and very eager to get to know others; he tries not to pry, but it happens. King has a genuine passion for other people-- he's very loyal and loving of his friends. And enemies. And people he just met. Having loose ends and/or negative relationships unsettles him; he tries to fix these things ASAP.
        King tries to keep up with others, though he is occasionally not strong enough to do so. He'll push himself, regardless, even to the point of endangering himself. He has some physical problems, but refuses to tell others about them. He sees them as weak, and dislikes being looked at in that way; he is ashamed of his problems, and too prideful to let others worry about him.
        Very emotive, except for negative emotions. Perpetually outwardly happy, and will always claim to be fine, even when he's obviously not. It's difficult to break through to him and get him to talk about the more serious things on his mind.
        Can be protective; he hovers around others when he suspects danger. Can be annoying in how “pro-safety” he can be, but he means well. A lion-hearted housecat, if there's ever real danger, King will be the first to protect others, even at his own expense. Cannot fight, but would die trying to protect just about anyone, if the situation called for it. Can be provoked into being territorial, possessive, and stubborn, but is generally not.
        Smart, particularly about math and physics, though he doesn't think anything of it and won't go out of his way to bring it up. Can have a bit of an ego; a little shallow in the sense that ego-stroking is a legitimate way to win him over. Likewise, he'll try to pull that on others, which may come across as flirty; don't be deceived, this dork is not cool enough to flirt, and he doesn't realize the implications of what he's saying.
        Puts others before himself, always. His own health and happiness don't come second-- they come dead last.

☑nonjudgemental ☑smart ☑friendly ☑loyal ☑trusting ☑optimistic ☑forgiving ☑selfless ☑caring ☑patient
☐talkative ☐worries about others
☒easily betrayed ☒ridiculously oblivious to romance ☒can get stupidly stubborn ☒too self-critical ☒pushes himself too hard, especially physically ☒can come across as a prude/killjoy at times.

Doesn't want people to worry about him, and will quietly suffer to prevent concern.
Despite having a heart problem, he usually denies himself rest if it means falling behind the group, or letting another down; he would literally rather collapse from exhaustion than admit he's unwell and needs a break. Even if this happens, he'll refuse care from others and push himself well past his limits just to seem like he's fine. Similarly, he's always good-natured and outwardly happy because he fears that if he isn't, others may worry.

Conversation... He plays well with others, and being around people makes him happy.
Friends... There's nothing he appreciates more than a kind, loyal friend.
Being noticed... As both a cat in general and as a Siamese, being noticed by others is fun. He's prideful, and easily wooed with compliments.
Sleep... As a cat, he does enjoy sleeping. He's most at peace when hanging around, dozing off, preferably with someone else.
Math, physics; Engineering... King is a very math-oriented person, and genuinely enjoys what he does. If Omadobu had a Highschool AU, King would be that guy people pay to do their math homework for them.
Heights... There's nothing cooler than being up high! He loves being able to look down (especially at people, make of that what you will) and can scale nearly anything with ease.
Caring for others... Being able to make someone happy is King's greatest joy, and being useful is one of his favorite things.

Fire... A surprisingly major fear of his. Unless fully enclosed (IE, a fireplace, a lantern,) any source of flame makes him exceedingly nervous. He's then usually torn between wanting to leave, and wanting to hang around to supervise, in case something goes awry.
Being forgotten... King is a very loyal individual. He remembers everyone he meets, and is quick to label others as his friend. Seeing his friends forget him or drift away is painful; not being memorable to someone makes him bitter.
Being ignored... Having someone not even give him the time of day is upsetting to him. He regards people who ignore him as rude, but he can't help but blame himself.
Sleep... He loves to sleep, but has too many other things to do. Sleeping is fun, but he feels like he's wasting time.
Swimming... Though King does not have a cat-like aversion to water, he dislikes being in deep water. He cannot swim, would not enjoy doing so, and has no interest in learning.
Wearing shoes... Yup, another Omadobu character who doesn't wear shoes. In King's case, he likes to walk up on the balls of his feet, like a cat. He can walk flat-footed and/or with shoes, but he doesn't like to.
Long Absence... He isn't clingy, per sae, but he worries about people he hasn't heard from in a while.
People worrying about him... King expresses concern for others as a way of showing affection; however, he doesn't feel that way when people return the favor and show concern for him. In his eyes, it feels like he's being looked down on. He believes that people will think lesser of him if they feel he is anything less than 100% (healthy, normal, happy, etc), which leads to him pretending to be fine at all times.


It's practically the only thing he doesn't want to talk about...

Nobody's really sure where he came from. One strangely gloomy summer day, he walked under that elaborate Circus entrance alongside Ringleader Hei, as so many others do.

And that's it. That's all anyone really knows-- except for Hei himself, maybe.

Newcomers sometimes have certain mannerisms about them, any old-timer to the Circus could tell you that. They show up out of nowhere, silent and ghastly pale, and bumble around for a little while. Some are happy and excited, though others are lost in thought. It's case-by-case, really, but King was the latter.

Soon-- slowly at first, but then suddenly-- he came around, grabbed a job, and has been on the go ever since. He works a little too much, but seems to genuinely enjoy what he does.

He'll talk to anyone about anything, until they start asking questions like, “Where were you before Yatsudoki?”

Unlike others, King arrived at the Circus in near-pristine condition. He clearly was not starved, beaten, or abandoned. The collar around his neck was well-worn, but sturdy; his tags were up-to-date, and adorned with a tiny bell. One particular tag had “KIKI” sprawled in wobbly, childish sharpie.

He's aware that people usually hear him before they see him, but he doesn't seem to mind. He wears the noisy collar like others might wear a religious symbol, as if it were his solemn duty.


Has a personal goal of knowing everyone in the Yatsudoki Circus by name-- Someday he'd love to meet everyone in the entire Omaga/Ushimitsu/Yatsu doki complex.

Has a great memory when it comes to people. Never forgets a name or face. If he's met you, seen you, or heard mention of you, he will remember you.

Usually has grime/oil/dirt/glue/etc all over his hands, if he's been working. There are few things he becomes genuinely apologetic/embarrassed over, but accidentally getting people dirty is one of them. He carries a rag on him, but having dirty hands is so typical to him that he flat-out forgets that it isn't normal.

On a related note, even when his hands are clean, they're usually still pretty grimy-looking due to staining. That's another reason he accidentally gets people dirty-- he sometimes can't even tell whether or not his hands are clean, and wrongly assumes that they are.

Loves heights. He's a climber, and can get to the top of anything, usually without assistance (of a ladder, person, etc)

His collar can be noisy, especially when he's doing some sort of activity. The bell jingles, and the tags click together-- it's fine if you want to mention this in-roleplay.

Health-conscious-- he eats and sleeps well, and isn't much for sweets or junk food. (This is a large part of how he justifies pushing himself. In his mind, he takes good care of himself and is therefore healthy.)

Very pro-safety. He inspects the performer's rigs every day and before every show. People are expected to come to him with mechanic/setup/rig problems. He may seem like a stickler, but he means well.

King has known two things in his life: Friends and family. He's aware that romance and couples exist, but he's never even considered that it was an option to him-- court at your own risk. Sexuality: Somewhere between asexual and demisexual, with no gender preference. In short: Good luck. orz If you can manage it, he's yours. No gives-backsies

Years of experience put to good use: With tools and time, he can make small contraptions, like small catapults, slingshots, rubber band guns, etc. More seriously, he has the knowledge to make things like music boxes, clocks, watches, and other small mechanical objects-- this is actually a hobby of his. He also makes a hella paper airplane.

Minor depth perception issues, see his Nystagmus. It's not super detrimental, but in the past he's taken some pretty nice falls and will probably continue to do so

He dreams about his family a lot. His dreams are usually happy and mundane; it sounds like a good thing, but they make him terribly sad.

King would probably be bitter towards any doctor characters, if Omadobu ever gets any. A. They would know of his medical problems, which he wouldn't like, and B. They probably will need to scold him a lot. OMADOBU MAY BE GETTING A MEDIC I'M SO EXCITED YESSS WE HAVE A MEDIC!!!

Here lies more technical notes. These are Animal/Species/Coloration aspects that King has:

    ▶King has the meow of a crying baby demon. Siamese are known for their ridiculously loud demonic yowling.

    ▶Very common in Siamese cats, King has Strabismus (crossed eyes) and Nystagmus (a subtle, uncontrollable movement of the eyes--Here's a good nystagmus example)

         ▸King has been receiving eye training since he was a kitten, so neither of these are huge issues. His eyes turn inwards when strained/fatigued/etc, but otherwise appear totally normal.

         ▸The nystagmus is minor and doesn’t bother him, though it can take him longer to focus on an object, and gives him minor depth perception issues at times. His nystagmus is, however, noticeable to others, particularly if he's standing still/relaxed. (See the video I linked for what it looks like.) Your character is free to notice and ask about it, though King is a little self-conscious of it. He's aware it's not normal and perceives it as a negative trait. His nystagmus has varying degrees of severity-- it becomes more noticeable when he's drunk/strained/has a headache/is tired/etc.

    ▶Fun fact and a biology lesson: Animals who can see in the dark (IE, cats) have a structure in the eye called the tapetum lucidum. This is a layer of cells that reflects light and increases their night vision-- it's the reason that animals' eyes will appear to “glow in the dark.” What you're seeing is light reflecting off the tapetum lucidum. In most animals, this shine appears greenish due to the pigmentation-- color-- associated with it. In albino animals, the tapetum lucidum has no pigmentation, so the eye shine will appear red. Siamese cats have blue eyes because they are part albino-- What I'm getting at here is that King's pupils will appear red in flash photography/at night/under strong light/etc. A nice surprise for anyone not expecting it, lol.

    ▶Last note on his eyes: King has very poor eyesight. His glasses are very strong-- bound to cause a reaction, should any character choose to put them on. Taking his glasses is a surefire way to annoy him, but as long as you have his glasses, you're safe; he'll never find you. It's bad. Seriously.

         ▸To elaborate: King can't see particularly well, not even in a “needs glasses” sort of way. He may have trouble reading things, and has light sensitivity issues when it's particularly bright (he does own prescription sunglasses). A lot of people with albinism say they can't read well, can't read road signs or license plates, and usually have vision around the 20/200 mark-- which is right on the line for being legally blind. Just an unfortunate part of being (partially) albino, there's nothing he can really do about it :/

    ▶An unfortunate side effect of being purebred: King has some minor heart problems. It's only a murmur, nothing serious. He takes good care of himself, so it has virtually no effect on him under normal circumstances. Let it be known, though, that strenuous activity can cause him to become light-headed, short of breath-- or even faint, if it's severe. Again, King sees this as a negative trait, and does not mention it to anyone, despite the danger. He's very active, and will do his best to keep up with other active characters. He is ridiculously stubborn about this. He hasn't suffered any repercussions yet, but he would be absolutely mortified if he ever fainted in-roleplay. (In other words: Do it. Make him faint. C:<)

    ▶Very slender and long-limbed. The majority of his height is in those legs.

⌈ RP? ⌋

A general lit style is preferred, though script is fine for faster-paced chatroom/fun Rps. Both styles have a time and a place, ya dig?

I'd prefer one-on-ones to be lit, since it gives me more to respond to. I don't have an average response length; as a general rule, I'll try to match length (at least), but I can waver between one paragraph and a huge textwall, depending on what's happening. You've been warned that I can type a lot when needed (and when it's not!) ;P

Wanna RP? Yay! Me too! I ask only one thing of you:

Please don't expect immediate responses, even if you know I'm online! Gotta take my time, ya dig? This applies to anything, not just RPs! If I haven't responded in 48 hours, then you can remind me. (In fact, please do. You're not annoying me, I promise! I do need those small kicks sometimes-- rarely, but it happens. orz)

    ▶Reasons you should RP with me:

         ▸Look at this dork

         ▸I will try my best! ;u;

         ▸I WILL START!

    Assuming you don't want to, I mean. You can if you want! But I've seen a lot of people who don't like to start.

    Srsly I have no idea what this aversion to starting is about. I like it, I will do it. I think setting the scene is fun! Legit!

I do Notes, Skype, Google Docs, Chatroom, uh-- basically anything, except comments. Just ask! ^^
If you add me on Skype (same username, no need to ask beforehand) please identify yourself! Just a simple, "Hi, this is [your DA username]" is fine!
In other words, please don't make me ask who you are because ffffffff that's awkward, haha;;

Wow, still here? :la: Cool! Thanks for reading! (or skimming. Or blantently ignoring everything. Any of that is fine by me, haha)

Click here for King's heart chart

((Updated WIP, finished laying down the legs. Still super messy, don't mind me, it's still a WIP. :iconmingplz: Also, have a little headshot. Changing his hair a bit.))

Praise the lord, Gen finally found a shirt.
I mean, I've always assumed that Gen wears clothing, it just never.... made it onto his app sheet...

Sobs, I blame RandomlyKlutzy and AngelTakashi for A. getting me back into CdR, and B. getting me to RP Gen again, respectively.

Here's Gen's app sheet if you need a refresher on who this is

It was a large part of Gen's character that he had his heart set on the Diamond Faction-- so he could be with the other freaks and mutants, people of his own kind, people who he felt comfortable around-- but was automatically put into the red faction because he was a tarantula. Gen was pretty heartbroken, and has always been a little bitter about that. He's begrudgingly accepted his fate, but still always wonders the, "what if?"s, and has never really felt at-home in the Red Faction.

So then RandomlyKlutzy inspired me to poke around the newly-revamped CdR and... THEY CHANGED THE RED FACTION RULES!? GEN IS NOW ELIGIBLE FOR THE DIAMOND FACTION!?
"Gosh," I thought, "Gen would be so, SO happy!"
And then I got so excited for my poor lonely spider boy that I... a-accidentally... decided to rejoin CdR... :iconmingwhatdoplz: Oh gosh-- 

I don't know how many of my CdR peepz watch me, but I know a few do, so:
I'm so sorry! I got into CdR's very first opening, but right around the India event, that "holy crap transition from highschool to college" real-life crisis took over, and I got booted from CdR before I even realized I had been inactive.

If you had a roleplay going with me:
I'm so sorry! Please assume that I do want to RP with you still; however, I am choosing to not respond because I'm assuming that you do not.
You are absolutely welcome to message me if you'd be interested in talking to me again! in fact, please do, I'm too ashamed to message you, I know it's been a long time /sobs

SIGHS DEEPLY, SHAMEFULLY CRAWLS AWAY but... yes, assuming Gen makes it through the application process a second time, CdR's not-so-little mail carrier will be returning, freshly revamped and ready for action!
Please forgive me for falling off the face of the earth! I'm back now! :iconmassiveblushplz:

anyway, here's a very very messy sketch of him, sorting mail, as he always seems to be doing. I'd forgotten how much I hated those arms /pets them //Gen: ಠ_ಠ
I lost Gen's design notes in a computer crash, so I'm trying to recreate his anatomy from scratch, hhhh-- Squints at pictures, what the actual frick is that


Seriously, I'd very much love to reconnect with a lot of you. I was looking through the old CdR apps, and hngggg, those feels. :iconwhywouldyoudothatplz:

Goes back to responding to things, tippity type type~


Achluophobic Horror Enthusiast
United States
    :iconwhyyounoplz: QUINALAH, Y U NO HAVE ANY ART UP?

    I'm sorryyy. I'm shy and I never upload crap.

    Currently SUPER BEHIND ON RESPONDING TO STUFF sorry! Give me a bit, thanks for your patience!!

    I do not thank for +Faves and +Watches, so here's a collective THANK YOU to everyone! ;u;

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